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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bag

Hello there. Long time, no see. Ooops.

I'm something of a bag whore. And thought I might share the current sack in which I'm hauling my shit around in. I was into big bags forever and just got so tired of them! The one I'm currently favoring is this studded H&M beauty- it's also horribly unphotogenic, sorry about that. Take my word for it, it's fucking adorable in person. I first got this a couple summers ago as I needed a good party bag. If you don't know what the qualifications are for a party bag, here's the basic idea:

Inexpensive. The reason I originally purchased this was because I was paranoid about lugging my LV to sketchy high school parties. You want something that it wont devastate you if it gets lost/stolen/ruined/forgotten.

Cute as fuck. You're looking for something that will look great with a variety of different looks. From floral frocks during the day to something so slutty you wait to change into it in a gas station bathroom so your mom doesn't see you leaving the house in it.

Small. Minimalism is in right now. I can't put myself through one more day of shoulder damage. The problem with big bags is that they're so... big! In turn, you ending up filling them with things you don't need (and in my case, it turns into my own personal garbage can. random papers/wrappers galore.) plus you have to dig through all the unnecessary shit to get to your cell phone every time it's your move on Words with Friends and they get so heavy. Not my cup of tea. Just have the basics.

(PS Bags with long straps are great because you can wear them as a crossbody and have it on you at all times :)

That being said, everyone needs a party bag. Even if you don't find yourself a drunken mess every Friday night, it's still kind of an essential in every girl's wardrobe. A cute wittle bag to keep the basics in. Groundbreaking. :)



Just a little peek at my must haves. Wallet and keys are a given; I like to keep a touch up for powder, lips and nails on me at all times (clearly a necessity); I hoard perfume samples and love to keep them in my bag (currently have Paco Rabanne Lady Million on me- gorgeous!); and right now I am OBSESSED with Incredible by Victoria's Secret so that made the cut. Plus I keep my phone, bobby pins, moist towelettes, emergency tampons and a lighter in the side pocket.


Mine reminds me a bit of one of the lovely Lauren Conrad's staples (good thing she wasn't toting one of her Chanels- she's a drunk mess). Do you have a party bag? Show me what you're carrying around these days. xo

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