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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Perfumes Tag!

I'm currently obsessed with watching/reading the "Favorite Perfumes Tag". And I'm always obsessed with perfume, so I figured that even though I wasn't tagged, I might as well give it a go! Here's the lineup:


1) What is your favorite winter scent?
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is easily on of my favorites year round, but I picked it as my favorite winter scent because of its gorgeous, sexy muskiness. Most people find this one more to be a spring/summer scent- probably because of the florals. But the floral notes are more creamy and heady, rather than fresh and clean. Maybe that's why it always seems just perfect, no matter the time of year! And boyfriend just got me a new bottle for Easter- so happy!

2) On a lazy day I reach for...
Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne body spray. I featured the lotion of the same scent in the picture because I keep the spray in my car and I actually crashed my car on Easter... ooops. So I don't have it on hand, but its one of my favorites and just an easy breezy fragrance. Meaning you can chuck in in your bag (or your car in my case) and spritz it whenever, where ever and it's always going to do the trick. Love it.
3) What perfume would you wear on a date?
Probably my favorite question of the tag, as the sexier nighttime fragrances are always my favorites- and that's exactly what you should wear on a date. This was also the easiest to answer, Gucci Guilty is the sexiest fucking thing I've ever smelled. It's also my number one favorite perfume of all time. End of story. It has such notes as pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.That paired with the advertising campaign just screams sex in gorgeous little bottle.

4) What was your High School signature scent?
Eeek, Jessica Simpson's Fancy. Embarrassing. The most embarrassing part is that I still think it smells pretty good. I went through so many bottles of this stuff, but now I just have the roller ball from an old giftset- I break it out every once it a while. Its basically white flowers, caramel, vanilla and amber. It will be out little secret that I still kind of like it. :)

5) What is your current love?
Easy. Incredible by Victoria's Secret. Smells so amazing and definitely fits in the the sweet musky thing I've got going on in my collection. I can't afford the perfume (it's not very expensive, I'm just broke as a joke) so I just have the lotion for now, but It's on my wishlist for sure! I've just discovered this one but it's already made its way into my top 3, kept company by Gucci Guilty and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. What more can I say? Its love.

6) What is your favorite summer scent?
Flora by Gucci (Gucci makes amazing perfumes. I have four by them and have never been disappointed!). Beautiful floral with some citrus and creaminess. This used to be my absolute favorite, but I think I got a bit tired of it. Nevertheless the scent is amazing and I still love to break it out during the spring and summer months.

7) What is a perfume you regret buying?
Ugh Bvlgari BLV II. I loved this when I got it but I just don't know what I was thinking. It's very jasmine oriented, which simply isn't my taste. It ends up smelling quite masculine on the skin- ick!

8) What perfume is on your wishlist?
Sorry to repeat myself, but I'm going to have to say Victoria's Secret Incredible. I'm that in love with it. Asking for it for the birthday! :)

Those are all of the questions, I would love to hear your answers to them! xo

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